Data centres evaluate the M2DC exploitation potential

July 17, 2019

Authors: Ariel Oleksiak (PSNC), Joao Costa (XLAB)

The M2DC team used the opportunity to meet some data centres and discuss the advantages of our technology in the challenges faced nowadays. We talked with Sławomir Oczkowski, from the Polish TALEX, and with Nejc Bat, from the Slovenian ARCTUR. Both are market leaders and both are recent members of the M2DC advisory board. Their feedback, especially on the potential adoption of M2DC results in Cloud Computing and HPC, have been summarised in this guest blog.

Leveraging the M2DC technology towards state-of-the-art image anonymization

April 29, 2019

Authors: Dejan Štepec (XLAB), Michał (PSNC)

The recent success of deep neural networks (DNNs) has attracted a lot of research in different fields. This has been made possible with the advances in the theory itself, with some algorithmic modifications which made possible to train deeper and deeper models which have a powerful representational power. Another reason is the availability of annotated data at massive scales.

M2DC showcasing its High-Performance Carrier Blade at the Embedded World 2019

Feb. 28, 2019

Contributors: Micha vor dem Berge, Jens Hagemeyer, Joao Costa

The M2DC team was part of the 2019’s edition of the leading international fair for embedded systems - Embedded World - taking place in Nuremberg, Germany, during 26-28 February. It aimed to showcase some of the most exciting innovations from the embedded domain, and covered a wide range of scientific topics, ranging from construction elements through modules and full systems, operating systems, or hard and software to services.

The M2DC IoT appliance is on the road

Jan. 15, 2019

Authors: Nicholas Mainardi, Michele Zanella, Francesca Micol Rossi, William Fornaciari (POLIMI), Luca Ceva (VOD)

Analytic applications extracting valuable knowledge from big amount of data collected by IoT devices are already becoming pivotal to data centres. In particular, the use of these applications in the automotive domain is expected to grow vastly in the next few years. 20% of the circulating cars will be connected vehicles by 2020 and this number will double by 2024.

Showcasing the cloud appliance at Sc18

Dec. 14, 2018

Authors: Ariel Oleksiak (PSNC)

2018’s edition of the International Conference of High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC18) - known as Supercomputing  - took place in Dallas, Texas, November 11-16 at the Kay Baley Hutchinson Convention Center. It included the worldwide technology fair in November 12-15. This is an annual event of great importance to the world of HPC, with the support of sigHPC, ACM, IEEE, and TCHPC.

The M2DC Image Appliance: how much technology is needed in image processing today?

Nov. 5, 2018

Authors: Lars Kosmann (CEWE), Christian Pieper (OFFIS) and Joao Costa (XLAB)

Nowadays the way society makes use of photography is volatile, under a mindset that is much different from that of ten years ago when digital cameras started to populate our daily lives over our smartphones. The M2DC partner CEWE was from the early beginning ahead in time, to better address the needs of today. The M2DC photo appliance is providing them with novel and robust technology to optimize processes and reduce costs, contributing to position CEWE as leader in this rising market.

M2DC live from the best European HPC events

Aug. 2, 2018

Contributors: Micha vor dem Berge, Jens Hagemeyer, Joao Costa

The M2DC team was part of the most important HPC events this Summer - the Forum Teratec in Paris (300 visitors/2 days) and the ISC-HPC in Frankfurt (250 visitors/3 days). Both are major industrial and R&D events in HPC in Europe. Teratec brings together the best international experts in HPC, simulation and Big Data, with more than 1300 attendees. ISC-HPC is a large-scale event that brings together over 3500 researchers and commercial users, and 150 exhibitors, the European counterpart of the Supercomputing conference (SC) in the USA.