The M2DC team meets in Munich to prepare the release of the platform in June

May 14, 2019, 9:13 a.m.

Contributors: Holm Rauchfuss (HUA), Joao Costa (XLAB)

In the past May 9, the M2DC team got together at the Huawei Research office in Munich to discuss the progress of the R&D within the project and to prepare the release of the platform. The latter will happen in June during the Teratec Forum and the ISC-HPC, the most relevant HPC events in Europe, and where M2DC will host exhibition booths.

During the meeting several ongoing ideas were aligned in the respects of all technological aspects of the platform, but also on its best go-to-market paths. This meeting served also to prepare the final review scheduled for July in Brussels. The project is coming to an end and much is still ahead to properly pass its know-how to the next phase where the exploitation of the developed technology is key, lead by Christmann and the University of Bielefeld.