ReflexCES Releases a Range of Boards Based on Stratix 10 GX and SoC Technology

April 26, 2018, 11:04 a.m.

The Heterogeneous M2DC Microserver Platform Integrates the New ReflexCES Stratix 10 FPGA Boards

The heterogeneous M2DC microserver platform wil integrate the new ReflexCES Stratix 10 FPGA boards, reducing customers’ technology risks and time to market, enabling better flexibility and simplifying the adoption of FPGA technology.

REFLEX CES, provider of custom embedded systems and High End FPGA COTS boards, has recently released to market the widest range of boards based on the latest Intel PSG technology, Stratix 10 GX and SoC. Below the Stratix 10 module dedicated to High Performance Computing and Acceleration markets.

COMXpressGX/SXS10 dedicated to High Performance Computing and Acceleration markets

This module is aligned to the COM Express standard, using a Basic type form factor with a type 7 interface.

It includes the biggest 2800 KLE Stratix 10 density for processing huge data algorithms with a maximum number of four DDR4 parallel banks with total density of 56GBytes. The type 7 interface provides an extremely high PCIe bandwidth through its 32 lanes GEN3.

The footprint is compatible with SoC FPGA’s, and therefore the module can be used as a slave (using GX) or as a host (using the SoC) in  High Performance Computing systems.

In March, the COMXpressGX/SX Stratix 10 won first prize in the "Module/ electronic subsystem" category, at the Trophées de l'Embarqué.