M2DC at the HiPEAC Co-located ENeSCE Workshop 2017

Jan. 11, 2017, 10:51 a.m.

At the ENeSCE workshop 2017, on January 23rd, in Stockholm, Sweden, the most recent work on next generation energy-efficient servers and heterogeneous architectures will be presented. The ENeSCE workshop is co-located with HiPEAC and supported by four EC-funded projects, working in the field, VINEYARD, dRedBox, M2DC and Uniserver.

Energy efficiency is becoming a more and more decisive aspect in design choices and, at the same time, the emerging applications and services, based on the convergence of HPC, Big Data and Cloud, demand more computational power and speed.

M2DC addresses the need for reduced energy consumption and total cost of ownership by developing general technologies for the efficient design of appliances for specific–domain applications and the users of such technology. The M2DC base platform can be optimized for very specific classes of applications such as:

- signal and image processing,
- HPC applications for air quality monitoring and weather predictions,
- hardware accelerated PaaS/services and other modern use cases.


M2DC: Modular Microserver Data Center with Heterogeneous Hardware


The M2DC presentation will be supported by a hardware demonstration highlighting a heterogeneous hyperscale platform, including a 32-core ARMv8 microserver and an FPGA-based hardware accelerator for data mining.

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