Teratec 2018

June 15, 2018, 8:34 a.m.

The TERATEC Forum (http://www.teratec.eu/gb/forum/) is a major event with more than 1 300 attendees, bringing together the best international experts in HPC, Simulation and Big Data. It is an evidence of the strategic importance of these technologies for developing industrial competitiveness and innovation capacity.

The TERATEC Forum highlights the technological and industrial dynamism of HPC and the essential role that Europe plays in this field. The participation and the testimony of senior industrial and ICT leaders, the diversity and the high level of the technical workshops, the representativeness of exhibitors and innovation offers displayed, are assets for all responsible concerned by simulation and high-performance computing.

M2DC will be present at this major event exhibiting the latest version of the platform’s chassis and demonstrating selected system efficiency enhancements. Join us at our booth #24 located at the Cafe Europeen de la Recherche, exhibiting together with the LEGaTO Project. The M2DC technology will also be demonstrated at the M2DC partner booths #09 CEA and #42 RxC. Join us to discuss the future of HPC and how M2DC technology is taking a big part of it.

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