Meet M2DC at ISC HPC 2017

June 12, 2017, 4:17 p.m.

The conference ISC High Performance 2017 is taking place in Frankfurt, Germany, from June 18 to June 22.


It is our pleasure to invite you to meet the M2DC partners at the
CEA Booth (B-1324) and at the Project Poster Booth (L-212) daily from 19-21st June,
or at the HiPEAC Booth (A-1430), on Wednesday, 21st,
showcasing latest results of the M2DC project.

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The M2DC server platform combines heterogeneous microservers and accelerators,
high-performance ARMv8 server processors (integrating 32 Cortex-A72 cores),
low-power ARMv8 embedded/mobile processors, x86 processors, MPSoCs, GPUs, and FPGAs (Intel Stratix 10) with a high-speed low-latency interconnect, and the overarching middleware based on open-source components.

Energy efficiency of the heterogeneous approach is highlighted by a live demo
of an FPGA-based hardware accelerator for data mining based on
unsupervised neural clustering algorithms.

Additionally, several M2DC partners are exhibiting at ISC HPC 2017: ReFLEX CES (Booth B-1350), CEA (Booth B-1324), Huawei (Booth E-1040).

The floor plan and more information can be found at: