Modular Microserver Data Centre

The new class of low-power appliances with built-in efficiency and dependability enhancements.

What Is M2DC?

What Can You Do with M2DC?

M2DC provides significant benefits for data centres, minimising their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This goal is achieved by the use of efficient microservers, easy and cost-effective hardware upgrade possibilities and intelligent energy management techniques integrated with OpenStack middleware.
In particular, M2DC platform enables competitive advantage with respect to performance, scalability, efficiency and cost-savings to applications such as photo finishing service processing several million images per year, data analytics of large real-time sensor data from vehicles, processing HPC workloads and providing Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud solutions.
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Detailed monitoring and intelligent management

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Customised hardware

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Lower costs and reduced energy consumption

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Optimised appliance

M2DC Server

Basic Chassis

Greatly efficient and with lower cost.

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3 Carriers

9 High-Performance Microservers

48 Low-Power Microservers

Mid-Range Chassis

Ready for the most demanding challenges.

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9 Carriers

27 High-Performance Microservers

144 Low-Power Microservers

Scaleout Chassis

The most powerful option.

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48 Carriers

144 High-Performance Microservers

240 Low-Power Microservers

M2DC Server Architecture

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Benefits of using M2DC

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Minimization of hardware redundancy

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Easier & cheaper replacement cycle

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Reduction of needed data centre space and equipment

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Inclusion pre-installed software optimising the hardware platform

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System/communication and application level

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Network security with intrusion detection and prevention

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