M2DC IoT appliance

High-volume, high-speed real-time analysis of large IoT sensor data from vehicles and other data sources

M2DC IoT at a Glance

M2DC IoT appliance

This appliance enables competitive advantage with respect to performance, scalability, efficiency and cost-savings. The two-fold nature of the appliance makes it appealing to a broad audience of application providers. The success stories include Vodafone Automotive, leader of the automotive market with a vast amount of data collected nowadays on vehicles and later processed via analytics techniques to infer valuable information.

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Cloud appliance demonstrator

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This appliance tackles a hot problem in the automotive sector: the identification of the number of drivers of a specific vehicle. To this end, the IoT appliance provides a turnkey implementation of a data analytics workflow specifically designed to accurately perform this analysis. The analysis employs a set of raw data collected by the devices installed on the vehicles and it is composed of two main steps:
1. Raw data gets aggregated in a set of features aimed at characterizing the driving style;
2. The number of drivers is identified by the number of clusters found in the aggregated data by a high dimensional clustering method provided by the appliance itself.

M2DC Microserver Components

Available built-in efficiency enhancements

You can choose from a wide range of modules forming a heterogeneous cluster. These may be microservers with high-performance x86 or ARM64 as well as low-power ARM processors with the latter also providing GPU computing capabilities. In addition to the CPU-based microservers, FPGAs are available for specialized applications. PCIe extension cards are also supported for even further flexibility.

Appliance configuration

X86_64 multi-core CPUs

X86_64 multi-core CPUs

ARM multi-core CPUs

ARM multi-core CPUs


GPU (to be evaluated)

Altera Stratix 10 SX Series FPGA

Altera Stratix 10 SX Series FPGA for SEEs

Fitting the availability of your resources

Basic Chassis

Greatly efficient and with lower cost.

Basic chassis

3 Carriers

9 High-Performance Microservers

48 Low-Power Microservers

Mid-Range Chassis

Ready for the most demanding challenges.

Mid-Range Chassis

9 Carriers

27 High-Performance Microservers

144 Low-Power Microservers

Scaleout Chassis

The most powerful option.

Developing for you!

15 Carriers

45 High-Performance Microservers

240 Low-Power Microservers